Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flybum Media Productions - Extreme Places to Wide Open Spaces

Recently, FMP has been gearing up for an exciting year...or at least what remains of it. Having acquired some quality high definition video gear, we are now in the game in a real way. In years prior, it was a bunch of diehard fisherman wanting to make some cool memorabilia for ourselves or to share with friends.....NO MORE!

From here on, we are going to start ramping things up. We will continue to accumulate the gear that is necessary to bring forth the best quality and creativity that we can muster. We have several destination trips planned for the remainder of the year that will most likely bring forth a documentary as well as the next volume of "The Adventures of Flybum." In addition, we have some other projects in the works that we hope to release early 2010.

Until then, here is a short flic from the archives of standard definition film.

Good shooting.....

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Flybum Media Productions Ltd.

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