Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Short Flick In The Works

Last night I decided to go through my logged footage. I wanted to make sure that each tape was properly labeled, and since they weren't, see what footage I had forgotten about.

Well, in going through the footage, I found several cuts that I have yet to do anything with and some other footage that I would like to rework.

With that nagging desire to do something involving a camera or editing, I decided to start working on another short cut. When finished, it will be about 8 minutes in length and feature some beautiful little fish. In fact, some little fish that have gained a special place in this fly fisherman's heart....

The footage is part of my first volume of "The Adventures of Flybum" that I did a year or so ago. Most have never seen it other than those who were a part of the high elevation expedition that summer. I have taken some of the raw footage from the famed "Evolution Valley" and will rework it to share as a teaser of sorts.....


Look for the short flick to be finished within the week and up for the world to enjoy shortly thereafter.

Until then, good luck in your fishing and film ventures....

Patrick "Flybum" Robinson
Flybum Media Productions

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